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Functional nutrition is about taking a holistic approach to getting to the root of your problem. We don't focus on a single symptom or disease in isolation but instead we focus on identifying potential underlying nutritional imbalances and provide you with a highly personalised approach to optimise your health that is unique to you.



We believe that optimal nutrition is essential for performance and recovery- and hence we provide highly specialised advice to meet all your requirements as an athlete. Our nutrition strategies will support your training, refueling and recovery at all levels of performance and competition. 

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Why you should book a nutrition consult

Symptoms of poor health can manifest as fatigue, bloating, IBS, poor immunity, allergies, brain fog, autoimmune conditions, fluctuations in weight & chronic diseases such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypothyroidism etc. A large majority of these symptoms are a cause of a nutritional and biochemical imbalance that can be addressed through functional nutrition strategies.


You are unique and hence each consultation is designed to provide you with personal attention & support that you require. Your consultation will determine if there is a requirement for additional testing to provide more clarity/evidence about your health.

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What you can expect

  • A complete lifestyle, health & dietary assessment. With an explanation of your health & performance concerns.

  • Explanation of potential vitamin & mineral deficiencies based on food recall & symptoms, with advice on how to rectify this.​


  • A review of your current dietary patterns and recommendations to help you achieve your goals or alleviate your symptoms.


Curious to know more?

We offer a free 15-minute call for anyone that is interested in knowing more. This is a great opportunity for you to find out more about our nutritional principles & about the services we offer

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How we work

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Schedule a consult

A complete lifestyle, health & dietary assessment and a review of your current dietary patterns 

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Receive notes from the consult

You will receive notes with a review of your current diet & lifestyle with suggestions and recommendations

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Choose a programme

Setting goals and choosing a programme that fits you best

Deep dive into your nutritional needs

All our programmes are focused on providing nutrition education to support your goals and to empower you with long term strategies.

We offer two different structured nutrition programmes that represent different levels of support than can help you make the right dietary & lifestyle changes. Each 12 week programme includes personalised meal plans, recipes, dietary & lifestyle recommendations.

Everyone starts at a different pace and their requirements vary in terms of support. It is important that you choose a plan that is sustainable for you, keeping in mind you current lifestyle. Opt for a plan that pushes you to make changes that you wouldn't necessarily make otherwise.

Programmes we offer

  • This plan is ideal for those who require support with optimising dietary & lifestyle choices.​

  • 3 Monthly follow up calls (15-20mins)​

  • 3 Monthly comprehensive review meetings (45 mins)

  • This plan is ideal for those that need additional support such as athletes, people with specific goals or certain chronic conditions.


  • Daily dietary tracking with feedback

  • 6 Weekly follow up calls (15-20mins)

  • 6 Monthly comprehensive review meeting (45 mins)


  • Includes sleep protocols and stress reduction techniques (if appropriate).

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