A balanced, educative, adaptive & timely approach to help you lead a healthy and happy life.



A basic understanding of nutrition and a sense of awareness is important in order to develop healthier eating habits, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We educate & empower our clients through evidence-based solutions to help them manage a balanced diet in the long run.


For your body to adapt to your goals it requires the right kind of nutrition at the right time. Whether your goal is to improve body composition or to improve performance, at Healthy Beat we believe in clinically proven & effective nutrition strategies to enable you to feel and perform at the highest level.

Give your body the tools
 it requires to heal itself!


In order to function at our optimal best we need to be in a state of ‘nutritional

balance’. However, a poor diet, stress 

(physical & emotional), lack of sleep and pollution can disrupt our constitutional balance. This imbalance in the system

makes us vulnerable to a number of physiological issues that manifest itself as chronic conditions. Our aim is to identify

core imbalances and restore this natural equilibrium.



Timing is key when it comes to nutrition, especially to prevent the development of lifestyle related diseases. The aim is to help you discover long term balance with appropriate nutrition interventions at the right time.